FinHarmony is a Mobile Money System for Financial Inclusion. HWWGS is using this as part of the spring-board to reshape the future in Financial Product Management.

One of the key objectives of FinHarmony is to have a mobile money bank for:

Financial Inclusion: There are three phases of financial inclusion, namely;

  1. Micro-Credit
  2. Micro-Savings
  3. Digital money and mobile payments /remittances

FinHarmony – Next Generation Financial Services

New Era for Financial Services

  • Money is digital
  • Every phone is a bank
  • Every person is accessible

Mobile Phone + Mobile Money

New, fast, agile providers of Financial Services (Unbundling of a Bank)

  • Every financial service is an application
  • Every team with an innovation solution can enter market

Build Apps, not infrastructure

Unleash the Power of FinHarmony
on Financial Inclusion

Business Solutions

  1. Integrated Regulatory System
    • DMB (Deposit Money Banks)
    • PMB (Primary Mortgage Banks)
    • MFB (Microfinance Banks)
    • Mobile Money Operators
    • Other Authorized Institutions
    • DFI (Development Financial Institutions)
  2. Mortgage Broker System
    • Developer
    • Prospective Home Owners
    • Primary Mortgage Lenders
  3. Mortgage Asset Register
  4. eLearning


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  • Tel: +234-(0)803-473-7022